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Winning your Criminal Charge Is Our Top Priority
When Your Charged with a crime you need the Best Criminal Lawyer to
protect your future.  You can choose from thousands of criminal
lawyers in NJ.  But only a few of these lawyers win awards for their
excellence, and fewer yet earn these awards from multiple
organizations.  Attorney Aalsberg has been recognized by
four Top
National Organizations for his excellence.  Since 1992 Attorney
Aalsberg and his firm have handled over 10,000 Cases.   No matter
what crime in NJ that you may be charged with, if you want to get the
best result you need the best criminal lawyer.  If you do not choose the
right lawyer the first time, you will not have the opportunity to go back in
time and choose another attorney.  If you are found guilty you will have
to live with the penalties and scars of a conviction for the rest of your
life. Although you have the right to one appeal.  National statistics show
that the chances of winning on appeal is less than 5% so choosing the
right lawyer the first time is a must.  We believe that you will find that
Attorney H. Scott Aalsberg is the attorney you need to Win.
Why Hire Attorney H. Scott Aalsberg, Esq., For Your Criminal Charge?
Selected as one of the 10 Best Criminal Lawyers for Client Satisfaction by the American
Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys.  
Selected as a Top Criminal Lawyer by AVVO Attorney Rating Service and Awarded the Clients
Choice Award for 2015
, 2016 and 2017
Selected As one of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers Association for 3
Years in a Row 2014, 15 and 16
Selected as a one of the Top 10 Criminal Lawyers by the National Academy of Criminal Defense
Lawyer for 2015
and 2016

Your Freedom and Future are at stake!  
Choose Right the First Time - Choose Attorney H. Scott Aalsberg, Esq.
All Lawyers in the State of NJ can help you with your criminal charge, but if you are reading this website you must be looking for the
best lawyer.  We are confident when you google our name you will find that we are a Top 5 Star reviewed Criminal Defense Firm.  
When your life and liberty are at stake you need the best defense let us help you win, reduce or eliminate the penalties you face!

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Some Tips on Hiring the Best Lawyer:  If you want the best lawyer or law firm you need
to invest your time.  Sure you can initially sort out and pick a few of the best criminal
lawyers by what you read on the web.  But after this initial selection process you need to
go on the ground and meet that lawyer.  You want to make sure that the lawyer you
choose didn't just buy a fancy website,  You want to make your lawyers is not operating
just out of a briefcase or off the corner of his dining room table, with a cell phone.  The
Firm you choose should have a bricks and mortar operation. The phone should be
answered promptly 24 / 7 by a live person, not an answering machine.

The Best Criminal Lawyers will not answer any legal questions on the phone.   Although a
phone call may be the easiest way for you and the attorney to decide whether your case
is one he or she will accept, or you can afford, its not the best for you.  Today you have
no security in your phone calls the government does and can monitor any or all phone
conversations.  So the best lawyer will ask you to come to the office to discuss your case.
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