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No Lawyer can guarantee a result but with the Best NJ Criminal Defense Lawyer on your side you have the
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Finding and Hiring the Best Lawyer for your Criminal Charge Will be one of the Most Important
Decision in Your Lifetime.   The Criminal lawyer you choose will make a difference.  But you must
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less day that the lawyer can work on your case, investigate and develop defenses, interview and
discover new witnesses, find and preserve evidence, and most importantly file motions which may
help you get that dismissal, downgrade or reduction in sentence you need.  

By using the most modern methods of defense and the best experts available he will explore and
find your best options.  Attorney Aalsberg's team has found defenses other lawyers have missed
or simply never thought of.  These defense, have resulted in many dismissals
and reductions of
criminal charges for his clients.  But even if your guilty, don't worry, Attorney Aalsberg will use his
ver 25 years of negotiation experience to find you the best deal to reduce your charges,
sentence and even jail.  Your case may seem hopeless to you, but not to Attorney Aalsberg he
will not give up.

If you fail to get the best defense what type of job do you think that you will get when you have a
criminal conviction.  What do you think your life would be like if you spend a month, a year or
even 10 years in jail.  Do you think your girlfriend or wife will be waiting for you?  How about your
job?  How will you pay your rent, mortgage or car payments?  That is why you need the Best NJ
Criminal Lawyer to get the Best Result for your Criminal Charge.  Put Attorney Aalsbergs winning
success to work for you.  Think: if you don't get the Best Lawyer to get the best result you will
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Getting Your Criminal Charge Dismissed or Downgraded Is Our Top Priority

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